AGON: The Tale of the Four Dragons


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Platform: PC / Mac / iOS / Android

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After London, Lapland, Madagascar and Toledo, in the fifth part of the AGON series Professor Hunt travels to Peking to visit a certain family, but he only finds an old servant taking care of the long abandoned house. Prof. Hunt sets out to bring the family together as this is the only way to “unite the four dragons” and open a mysterious lock. During his research, he learns about Chinese medicine, the complicated calendar sys¬tem, the varieties of teas or the arrangement of symbols on the Chinese compass.  He walks on the narrow streets of the Hutong, visits a typical house, a theatre building of the traditional Peking Opera and a little temple in the picturesque Fragrant Hills. He also gets access to the Forbidden City and other places usually hidden before the eyes of an average visitor.

The riddles and the setting of the game always remain true to the traditions, beliefs and Chinese symbolism in use to this day. The game features the ancient Chinese board game Sz'kwa.


  • Non-linear gameplay
  • Cultural references and educational content
  • Intriguing storyline
  • Puzzles integrated in the plot, reflecting Chinese traditions
  • Over 20 different characters and personalities

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