AGON: Adventures in Lapland

ADVENTURE GAME (part of The Mysterious Codex)

Originally released: 2003
Platform: PC / Mac

System Requirements:
(WIN) Windows XP/98/2000/Win7 | 800MHz P3
128MB RAM | 32MB Video Card | DirectX 8




In the second episode of the AGON adventures Professor Hunt travels to the remote land of Lapland, a place beyond the Arctic Circle. On arrival at the snow-covered train station he finds no-one who would help him to get to his destination. But he discovers old engineering books and drawings, as well as clever mechanical structures around the place. By bringing these into operation he manages to continue his journey across the endless snowfields and to get some assistance in a tiny village. After solving the secret of an Aurora Borealis observatory, he finally finds the keeper of Tablut, a board game of Viking origins. 

The unique features of the AGON games are the authentically reproduced board game puzzles. Once you win, you can play them again any time even after finishing the adventure game itself.


  • Exotic location
  • First-person perspective and narration for the gamer’s perfect involvement
  • Well integrated puzzles featuring cultural references
  • Sophisticated voice acting, rich environmental sound effects and atmospheres
  • Authentic board game

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