AGON: Pirates of Madagascar

ADVENTURE GAME (part of The Mysterious Codex)

Originally released: 2004
Platform: PC / Mac

System Requirements:
(WIN) Windows XP/98/2000/Win7 | 800MHz P3
128MB RAM | 32MB Video Card | DirectX 8




After his discoveries in Lapland, in the third episode of the series Professor Hunt arrives at the island of Madagascar in search of another mystic board game. On landing ashore he finds a fishing tribe. Soon he learns their chief is probably the keeper of the game but the guard would not let him enter the village. Trying to battle his way through the jungle, the Professor gets some help from a typical Malagasy lemur - and many clues from an old pirate. He has to unfold the secret of a mysterious grave and find a stolen relic - that is no else but the game board of Fanorona – an old Malagasy war game.

The unique features of the AGON games are the authentically reproduced board game puzzles. Once you win, you can play them again any time even after finishing the adventure game itself.


  • Exotic location
  • First-person perspective and narration for the perfect involvement
  • Well integrated puzzles featuring cultural references
  • Sophisticated voice acting, rich sound effects and atmospheres
  • Authentic board game

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