Yoomurjak's Ring (PC)

Yoomurjak's Ring


Released: 2009 (English)
Platform: PC

System requirements:
(WIN) Windows XP/2000/7





The original English version of Yoomurjak’s Ring is the critically acclaimed, award-winning Hungarian PC interactive movie (FMV) game, the first in the line of Jonathan Hunt Adventures. The game’s deep storyline has been extended into a thick novel recently. The original version gives you the opportunity to enjoy the Yoomurjak-experience in its full glory.

Jonathan Hunt is a young journalist from New York who has Hungarian ancestry. His first trip to Hungary begins as innocently as a vacation, but soon turns into a treasure hunt for a mysterious ring and hidden messages from the past…

In the role of Jonathan, be challenged by cryptic inscriptions and secrets of old wine cellars, decode messages and documents, understand the key of Schubert’s unfinished symphony or fabricate a 16th century bomb. Let a romance develop, get the information you need and avoid trouble at any cost!


  • Deep storyline with rich dialogues
  • Over 30 real-life locations to be discovered virtually
  • Immense amount of movie footage, pictures and panoramic photos
  • Professional Hungarian actors

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