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Private Moon Studios is a Hungarian game development company with an impressive portfolio of computer games, tabletop board games and touristic games. They released their first computer adventure in 2003, followed by the trilogy Agon – The Mysterious Codex and The Lost Sword of Toledo. Their award-winning FMV title Yoomurjak's Ring and its new sequel Miazma or the Devil’s Stone are Jonathan Hunt Adventures. The Company’s CEO and creative director Tamás Z. Marosi (aka Pierrot) is also a popular musician and music producer in his home country; many of his works are featured in Private Moon Studios’ products.

Private Moon Studios Bt.
Hársmajor u. 2, H-1118 Budapest, Hungary
Tel: +36 30 954-5790
E-mail: contact @ privatemoon.com

contact @ privatemoon.com

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