AGON A londoni szín

AGON: The London Scene

ADVENTURE GAME (part of The Mysterious Codex)

Release year: 2003

Platform: PC / Mac

System requirements: Windows XP


AGON: The London Scene is the initial episode of The Mysterious Codex trilogy, and also the very first adventure game of Private Moon Studios. The game is an introduction to the entire AGON saga, yet it can be enjoyed as a stand-alone episode with its own plot and several puzzles.

It is 1903. Professor Samuel Hunt, a historian at the British Museum is living the peaceful life of a scientist in London until one day he’s chosen by mysterious forces for an extraordinary mission. The AGON story starts when the Professor receives a secretive anonymous message and a page torn from an old codex, challenging him to find twelve places of the world where “the last masters of the lost games” live. These masters are descendants of families whose fate has been to guard their ancestor’s mystic game board until one day a certain stranger comes along to learn the rules and win. Destined to be this stranger, Professor Hunt searches the darkest corners of the Museum for clues and begins his journeys ‘in search of the AGON’.


• Historically correct and authentic reproduction of the environment
• First-person perspective and narration for the gamer’s perfect involvement
• Well integrated puzzles featuring cultural references
• Sophisticated voice acting, rich environmental sound effects and atmospheres