Nevezetes Toldi Miklós dicsőséges kalandozásai

The Marvellous Adventures of Famous Miklós Toldi


Release year: 2011

Platform: online

System requirements: Pc / Mac / Linux


Miklós Toldi was a legendary hero with enormous strengths in 14th-century Hungary. Pierrot’s Toldi adaptation is an online flash game using a variety of mini-games and lots of humor to tell the tale about the feats of this hero. The game is based on an epic poem by Hungarian poet János Arany (1817-1882) and is set in a Victorian-style funfair, where a barker exhorts the passers-by to try themselves in various challenges. Imagine a blockbuster, arcade runner, hidden object or sliding puzzle game engine in 1900! The developer’s have virtually constructed the suitable mechanical or electrical structures of the era, with incredible fantasy and humor. It is sometimes impossible to make a good game based on a novel, no matter how excellent the original work is. Instead of trying to be an imperfect literal adaptation, this game provides an arcade-style experience which is fun for everyone.

Toldi can be played free online, with a choice of subtitles in three languages (Hungarian, English, Romanian). The voice of the barker is by László Görög, the actor playing Jonathan Hunt in other titles of Private Moon Studios. Citations in English are from the translation by William N. Loew.